How to make the CSV file

A CSV file is a simple text file that can be made in Microsoft Excel, Libreoffice or any other application that can export to the CSV format.

Below is a guide on how to make a CSV file with Microsoft Excel.

Important note

Do not use Word or any other text formatting tool. The file will not be usable for import.

CSV file with Microsoft Excel

  1. Open a new spreadsheet in Excel or open a file containing your product information.
    If you do not have your data in an existing file, you might want to use this file as a template: template_en.xlsx
  2. We have 14 columns on each product. 6 of them are mandatory, and the rest is optional.
    This means that you need 6-14 columns in the spreadsheet. The order of the columns can be adjusted later.
    1. Part Number (mandatory)
    2. Manufacturer Part Number
    3. Description English (mandatory) (At least one of the description fields are mandatory)
    4. Description Danish (mandatory)
    5. Description German (mandatory)
    6. Quantity (mandatory)
    7. Price (mandatory)
    8. Discount (mandatory): % integer
    9. Brand Code (mandatory). Click here to see Brand Codes
    10. Weight: kg
    11. Length: cm
    12. Width: cm
    13. Height: cm
    14. Image: filename. Must be unique. This feature will be availabe at a later time.

    If your are using all the columns In Excel it could look like this:

  3. Check your data and create the CSV file
    1. Click "Save as" in the "File" menu
    2. Name the file in "Filename" and make sure to set the "Filetype" to "CSV".

    3. Click "Yes" to confirm the save format.
  4. The file is now ready. Click here to upload the file.